Hello and welcome on my blog!

My name is Evi Ossenblok, I live in Holland and I'm 18 years old.

Things I really love are: running, photography, writing, shopping, singing under the shower, going out, cooking with friends, my little birdie, watching series and obviously fashion! What I like best is working hard to achieve great things. It just satisfies me when I reach a goal, when hard work pays off it just feels amazing!

I started to study to become a Spanish teacher, too bad I had to drop out because of a severe depression. I would love to live in America, or in Peru. Peru you think, why Peru? My brother studied there for half a year and he loved it. It's just a dream for me to see the world and that's why I absolutely love traveling and adventure.

My future plans are having a good job, but next to that I want to have my own fashion store. With a section of clothes I personally made, so that you walk around in really unique clothing.

On this blog I'd like to share personal things with you. My style, my life, my creations and lots of different stuff. I hope you like to read all of this!

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